RBSE Class 8 Science Notes Chapter 16 Light

These comprehensive RBSE Class 8 Science Notes Chapter 16 Light will give a brief overview of all the concepts.

Rajasthan Board RBSE Solutions for Class 8 Science in Hindi Medium & English Medium are part of RBSE Solutions for Class 8. Students can also read RBSE Class 8 Science Important Questions for exam preparation. Students can also go through RBSE Class 8 Science Notes to understand and remember the concepts easily. Browsing through class 8 science chapter 14 extra questions that includes all questions presented in the textbook.

RBSE Class 8 Science Chapter 16 Notes Light

→ If a light is incident on smooth, regular polished surface, it undergoes regular reflection whereas if light is incident on rough, irregular surface, then it undergoes diffused reflection. Regular reflection is based on two laws.

→ Image formed by a plane mirror shows lateral inversion. An object kept in between two mirrors fitted at some angle produces multiple images.

→ Sun light is made up of seven colours. Splitting of light into its seven constituent colours is called dispersion.

→ The important parts of our eyes are cornea, iris, pupil, lens, retina and optic nerves.

→ Braille system is used by visually challenged people so that they can read and write. 

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