RBSE Class 6 Science Notes Chapter 15 Air Around Us

These comprehensive RBSE Class 6 Science Notes Chapter 15 Air Around Us will give a brief overview of all the concepts.

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RBSE Class 6 Science Chapter 15 Notes Air Around Us

→ Air is found everywhere. We cannot see air, but we can feel it.

→ All living things require air.

→ Air occupies space.

→ Air has no colour and one can see through it. It is transparent.

→ Air is a mixture of many gases. Some of the major components of this mixture are - water vapour, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, a few other gases, dust and smoke.

→ Oxygen supports burning and is necessary for living organisms.

RBSE Class 6 Science Notes Chapter 15 Air Around Us

→ Air contains mostly nitrogen and oxygen. In fact, these two gases together make up 99% of the air. The remaining 1% is constituted by carbon dioxide and a few other gases and water vapour.

→ The animals living in water use the dissolved oxygen in water.

→ The envelope of air that surrounds the Earth is known as atmosphere.

→ The balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is maintained through respiration in plants and animals and by the photosynthesis in plants. This shows the interdependence of plants and animals.

→ Air in motion is called wind. 

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